Every company wants a smooth communication without any interruption and to achieve it, it is not possible for any person on team leader to communicate with the team using traditional methods say discussion, meeting etc. Currently, there are lots of apps and software available in the market which helps to bring your team together without wasting any time. I have gathered 5 smart apps to stay connected with your team and coworkers. Try them all and get better productivity from your team.

5 Smart Apps to Stay Connected with Your Team and Coworkers

Smart Apps to Stay Connected with Your Team and Coworkers

1. Slack

Slack is one of the best smart apps for your company. Without any doubt, Slack is the must-have instant messenger for your office team. The best thing about Slack is it is just more than any chat app as it has tons of fun but helpful features.

With the help of Slack, you can easily make calls, share files, share screen etc. with an ease. Apart from it, Slack has a massive library which consists of creative emoticons; moreover, you can also add your own.

Slack is ideal for teams as it allows you to create channels for your all team members, also you can create a channel for members who are working on the same project. Want to keep your conversations secret? Just lock the channel.

2. Google Hangouts

Google rolled out Google+ to beat Facebook but miserably failed. Along with it, company launched Google Hangouts which is kind of successful. You can give it a try as it is not just amazing but come with many quality features which you will surely admire.

Google Hangouts let you call, video chat and obviously messaging. If your company is using Gmail as a default mail client then you can simply incorporate the Google Hangouts with it and make it more powerful communication tool.

You can easily join conference video chats and calls without any problem. It also allows you to schedule calls from Google Calendar. Google Hangouts also has a dedicated Android app which let you join the conversation easily.

3. Skype

If didn’t find Google Hangouts awesome then you would love to go with Skype. Skype is one of the best smart apps for your company and I am saying this because most of the companies using it because of its simplicity and power.

Apart from instant chat feature, it allows you to make local and international calls. Skype is usually charging for making video and VOIP calls. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of Skype. However, chat feature is free to use.

4. Dropbox

Hope you have got enough chat client suggestions now let’s move on to next thing.  Companies tend to accumulate a lot of stuff: projects, paperwork, photos, contracts and more. It could be a pain when you have to mail any important file, right? In this what if your all team members can access the files conveniently from one place.

Dropbox let you organize your files into different groups and folder. It ensures that all the files can be accessed without any problem. To make it more accessible say anyone wants to download the file then he/she can simply do it using smart apps.

Dropbox’s standard plan starts from $12.50 /user /month in which you will get whooping 2 TB of space. If you think it is less than simply upgrade to advance plan.

5. Basecamp

Basecamp is a project management tool which you want definitely wants to try for your team. Basecamp let you create separate folder according to the team projects. Each folder let you schedule deadlines, list to-dos, post files, chat and more.

Apart from it, admin can control who can access which board.  This is very helpful when you don’t want to let know others if you have assigned any secret task to any team member or members. You can assign them to task with a deadline.

Basecamp is much advance in comparison to above tools as at the end of the day it will check what they have done throughout the day. That’s not it every morning it will send email to a team member about their work so they can check what they have left and what needs to be completed before the deadline.

If you have any other app suggestion which you think must be here on the list of 9 smart apps to stay connected with your team and coworkers then feel free to share in the below comment box.


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