Smartphones these days are capable of doing more than you have expected but their ability is slightly capped by the power component like Battery. Smartphones are up to anything, have potential to do more. What’s stopping it? No, it’s not completely stopping but it can be a minimal concern getting bigger due to the infusion of features in Smartphone.

While we may argue that Smartphone maker should pack a high capacity battery but it’s not the sole aspect. Android is one of the major mobile platforms and is also prone to battery problems. Surprised how? Yes, Java consumes more power than other scripts and doesn’t really make things simpler, though it’s powerful.

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Tricks to Save Your Smartphone Battery

Without talking much on the reasons, I will take you through few ideas which can be tried to save chunk of your Smartphone battery, this will obviously help you to effectively use your phone and increase its capacity to do more.

Before I start, do this check up, go to Settings -> About Phone -> Battery Use, it will show what is it that consuming more power in your phone.

Tricks to Save Smartphone Battery

1) Configure your Display

What happened to Display? Yes, it sucks more battery. The display is not the cause and there are many which will be discussed further. Display eats anywhere between 60 to 70% of your battery, All you should do is to chop the brightness and cut down the screen timeout, this won’t change the stats drastically but these changes will surely save some amount of battery at the end of the day.

With advancement inching up, there are new screen technologies up on the phones and no wonder they are good pixel performance as well sucking more battery. AMOLED is one widely adopted for Smartphone screens, if you are using it then do change your background color to black as it surges battery saving by 5 times.

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Tricks to Save Your Smartphone Battery

2) Network Settings

Do you use 3G? I am sure you are using 2G and I feel it is pretty much enough to experience the good quality of communication. We don’t feel the need of 3G always unless we are in face to face video conference where data accessing should be high. In such cases, it is better to make a switch to 2G and save more battery. When in need, you can reasonably use the 3G with convenient battery life.

3) Connectivity

How do you get connected? with GPS? with Wi-Fi ? with EDGE? Well, let’s not mix up things. EDGE allows you to access data at high speed and is not required to be running always on your phone, when it is not in use, do turn it off so it will stop it’s manual checking and save battery.

How about Wi-fi? Same here, if you are not using it, turn it off. We use GPS to receive signals from satellite stations about locations, map, etc. GPS will also unnecessarily eating battery when you are not in need of any GPS updates, hence turn it off when not required.

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4) Remove unused Apps

Power is consumed by each and every app when it is in use, if not in use still they suck your battery to update or load on your phone. Assume that you got few Apps which are now boring to you and you are not using them anyhow, do uninstall such apps to save battery loss.

Add to it, do not use more than two apps, Apps running in the background simultaneously won’t do any good but just consume power.

If you are not willing to try all of these to save Smartphone battery, you can still try out some apps to increase battery life android. Did I miss anything? Please do share your valuable tips on saving your smartphone battery in the comments below.



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