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Every Internet user must have his/her own email ID. Email ID is none less than an identity

of a person. As an Internet user, you might be having your email ID. Right? Well, while

talking about Email IDs, Gmail is the name that appears on the top. Gmail is an email service

by Google and with more than 300 million active users as of October 2012, it stands on the

top among email services and overtakes the success of other email services like Hotmail,

Yahoo Mail.

gmail productivity


If you are having your ID at Gmail, then you must be having love with the features of the same.

But do you know that Gmail has many other features to provide. The features from which you

are not aware. The features from which most of the Gmail users are not aware. These unknown

features can enhance your Gmail experience.


If you want to increase your productivity with Gmail, then make sure to read this article ahead

as I am sharing the Gmail Productivity tips here. Hundreds of tips to share, but I am limiting the

list to best out of them. So let us have a look at Best Gmail Productivity Tips.


Best Gmail Productivity Tips  


1. Use Labels to Organize Emails

Saving files in your computer and then finding the one that you require with ease and quick

could never be possible if you do not organize them in folders. Right? Same is the case with

your incoming emails. You should organize them in categories so as to ease your work of

finding any specific email. ‘Labels’ is the feature provided by Gmail for this purpose. You can

give name to a particular set of emails. For example labeling all the business emails as

‘Business’ will make your work easy. Is not it?


2. Size Filters

Gmail recently announced the size filters so as to make the email search by defining any particular

size. This is best for searching email attachments fast. For example if you want to search the email

with size more than 50MB, just use the search filter Larger:50M and Gmail will list the emails

having size more than 50MB. Moreover, by searching with Size Filters, you can easily locate the

big sized emails, and then can delete them to avail the free space.

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3. Shortcut Keys

Gmail offers many shortcut keys to perform several tasks from Keyboard. There is a huge list of

Gmail Shortcuts and shortcut key is defined for performing almost every task in Gmail, that you

can perform with your Mouse. For example, you can use the shortcut key ‘l’ to label the email. No

need to go through the big complex process. Similarly other shortcut keys can save your time.


4. Link Multiple Email Accounts to Gmail

If you have any email id other than Gmail, then consider linking it with your Gmail account because

by doing so, you will not have to open the ‘Inbox’ of separate email accounts. You can do so by

going to settings page in your Gmail account.



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