We are living in the Android era, where staying connected and up to date is really very important

for us. So, choosing the right & best Android Browsers is really important so as to ensure it fulfills

your needs and really fits in the environment you’re looking to work around.  Browsers on the

Android platform have really raise their level as the technology advances , as you could do tasks

that you could do on PC also. So choosing the right and the best Android browsers for your need

is really essential. So, here is a list of best Android browsers on the Android Platform.

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best Android browsers


3 Best Android Browsers

1) Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best Android browsers available today. We all know the success story

of the windows version of Google Chrome in PC, so this was also released for the Android Platform,

as the Android is also a venture of Google. So the company recently rolled out the full version of the

browser, as it was in its beta phase till last months. The browser is available only for Android ICS 4.0

or higher versions. It is stuffed with features like bookmarks syncing, incognito browsing, tab sync

and many more sync features are loaded onto it, to make the user experience more friendly and

amusing. And always the speed is lightning fast. That’s the reason it finds first position on our list.


2) Mozilla Firefox

As on Windows version, here also on the Android platform Mozilla Firefox gives a tough fight to the

Google Chrome, as it does in the PC Version. It is also the most successful mobile browser. It

provides you with functions like retrieving your bookmarks and passwords from the desktop version

of the browser you use. The best fact is that it is the only browser which has don’t track feature. It

has and one could install many add-ons on it, to increase the efficiency of what you do. If the latest

versions have a bit more features, it would definitely overtake the Google Chrome in the Android

wars. Firefox is at second in best Android browsers list.


3) Opera Mini Browser

Well the name must be familiar, it is the oldest mobile browser used on the list. It has amazing

versions for Java Platform users. The desktop version however, was good if you have a slow

internet connection. Like every browser on the list, this browser is also stuffed with features.

Like the desktop version, here also the browser would really improve the surfing speed, letting

you wait less and explore more. It has a link feature, with which you could sync all bookmarks

and other stuff, to ensure the ease while surfing on your Android device. The opera store has

a large number of 3rd party apps available, to enhance its features and functionality. So this

browser stands third on the list. Opera is at the 3rd position in best Android browsers available



These were three handy and most user friendly and best android browsers that ensure to make

you’re surfing a good experience. In my personal opinion, you could go with anyone, as they are

just closely rated. There is huge deal of difference between these. So, these were some great and

powerful browsers on the Android Platform.


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