Facebook is the top social networking site in the world and obviously, we don’t have to tell it to you. Most of the people using Facebook for many years and they know all of its features but if you are the one who recently joined the world’s biggest community then obviously you are looking for new friends. Well, we will help you out by telling you 11 ways to use Facebook to find people online. Before getting started we recommend you to don’t overuse below feature or in simple words don’t send a friend request to random people that might be dangerous for you. On the other hand, Facebook might block you, so use below features wisely.

11 Ways to Use Facebook To Find People Online

How to Use Facebook To Find People Online

Facebook Friend’s Page

Click here and it will redirect you to Facebook’s find friends page. Here you will get ample of options to find people like you can search people by email, by their last name, those who are a massager, find people alphabetically or simply find people by name.

Stalk Your Friend’s Friends

This is one of the best things you can find people that can be in your circle as they are not completely random and you can meet them easily as they are your friend’s friends. We recommend you to follow this, especially you are looking for a common old friend you might have forgotten about. Yes, this will not work if you friend locked out his friend’s list. Alternatively, you can ask him or her to suggest you such people to you.

Search Facebook Profiles

Facebook has a special page that is specifically designed by Facebook to find people online. Click here to go to the page. Here you can find people by name, school name, email, college, university, graduation year and company. Great feature to search your colleges and old friends.

11 Ways to Use Facebook To Find People Online

Filter the Facebook Results

The very first thing that you might do on Facebook to find people online is starting typing something into the Facebook search bar, right? You might call it to the search box in general but Facebook calls it Facebook Typeahead. It is a feature that gives you the best results from your immediate contacts.

By default, it shows you all result in one page in tabbed views like All, Posts, People, Photos, Videos, Pages, Places, Groups, Apps, Events, and Links. These tabs give you a freedom to search your things more confidently. When you click on the tab it further gives more option so you can narrow down your search on Facebook to find people online.

Search for Two Things at Once

When it comes to advanced search Facebook is still lacking some features. Now till we figure out whether they are doing intentionally or really they are not working on it, know that you are able to search for two things simultaneously using the pipe character. If you are thing what is pipe character than you can get it by pressing shift backslash and it looks like this “|” (without quotes ).

You can join two relevant things on Facebook to find people online. For instance, if you are looking for a friend name Adam and he plays football then your search query would something like this: “Football | Adam” (without quotes)

Facebook Suggestions

Facebook timely suggest you people that we generally ignore especially when we are not interested in visible one. If you really want to find more friends then use the arrow button to get more suggestions.

Expand Your Search

When you search anything in Facebook say any topic related to food, places, sports etc. then by default, it shows you your friends post those who have mentioned or liked the same thing you have a type. You can change the settings to ‘Posts By Everyone’ this will unlock other information for you.

11 Ways to Use Facebook To Find People Online

Find Classmates

Facebook is one of the best ways to find classmates. It gives you an option to look for classmates by simply filling out the graduation year you can narrow down the list by typing any specific name.

Find Colleagues

If you are working on any big organization than you would love to connect with people who are working in your organization but you didn’t know them personally. Your search will more easy if your company has listed on Facebook as a Group or an official page.

Facebook Networks

The Facebook search page can be really helpful for you. All you need to use is a drop-down menu that let you search within your circle or you can also give a try to left-hand side menu to refine your search with possible connections, lists etc.

Page Likes

Searching people using page likes is a great way to meet same minded people. Just go to the page that you like and look for people who like the page. From there you can find potential friends.

Hope you like our suggestions. If you like to know more tips like above then feel free to bookmark our site and visit again to get more amazing tips on Facebook and other tech related things.


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