This is a fresh and very important topic for all the newbie bloggers whose websites are hosted in CIPL (Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd.). With the help of this post, today I’m going to share a big mysterious secret with all of you. According to me this post is very much useful for all the newbie & passionate bloggers.

Initially, you are not the owner of your site. Ohh!!! is this true, how this can be possible?? Many more these types of questions will be naturally came into your mind. Calm down, don’t be frustrated.

domain ownership


When you register your domain name through CIPL or any other host, they register your domain name with their own (company) name. You can change or update your domain ownership by just sending a single mail to your host company. They will update your domain ownership status within 24 to 48 hours.

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Why to change Domain Ownership?

You all are thinking, why I am writing this article? So, now I’m going to clear the reason that forced me to write this post for all of you. These are the several reasons:-

1) For Google Adsense

2) It will help; if you want to change your Host (Soon I will publish a post about this topic).

3) You are not the owner

Nowadays Google Policies are very strict; to get approval from Adsense it is essential that you are the owner of your domain name. So before applying for Google Adsense Don’t forget to check that your domain ownership.

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How to Check Domain Registrar and Owner?

It is very easy to check Domain Registrar and owner of your domain name. There are so many sites through which you can check domain registrar and owner. But I will recommend you to use because it provides all the information regarding domain name.

Click the link to check your Domain owner-

Fill your domain name without using .com and then enter search. Then verify the captcha code. Now you can see all the details of your domain name.

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How to change Domain Registrar or Ownership?

Last and final step, if your domain name is on company’s name then send this message to company:-

Login to your CIPL account.

Go to Support Center-> Compose message->

Subject-  Domain ownership

Type the following message in the provided space-

“Please update my domain ownership status. My required details are



Postal Code-

Email ID-

Contact No.-

And Submit. That’s it. Now within 24 to 48 hour your Domain ownership status will be updated by the company.

So, it’s very important for all of you to transfer your domain from CIPL to your own name.  Now, it’s your turn to check your domain ownership status and do the further steps. If you face any problem regarding Domain Ownership then feel free to comment below I will solve all your problems and queries.

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