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  1. Thanks for your article on social plugin looking it for long….

  2. Thanx for sharing this info..It’s really helpful…I like that Sexy Bookmark Plugin….

  3. chandan says:

    Nice collection, All five plugins are nice better user access, previously i was using Sexy bookmark for my travelsite Travelspecia.com. but now i planning to use Addthis Sharing plugins. i thing it is better for my site. so, thanks for such collection….

  4. rohit says:

    thanks for this info

  5. Nitin says:

    thanks for the option but i like the floating bar more than others.

  6. gurjeet says:

    thanks sir this help me a lot in my blog thanks once again sir

  7. Using Buzz, you’ll be able to unobtrusively get many more visitors attention to the widget with the social buttons, which means they will forward their friends to your site sharing the link to it and which will guarantee more social network traffic!

  8. digg digg is a good plugin to use in a website
    thnx for sharing it.

  9. Mahesh says:

    what about if i am using the facebook like box…….plz let me know as soon as possible.

  10. Tushar says:

    thanks for the option SIR but it hink first one is the best option for sharing the posts and plz digg is best for floating in side bar

  11. Vivek Jain says:

    Thanks for sharing this information.i really needed ths type of info…
    Share This & Sexy bookmarks are bst in my opinion.. 🙂

  12. vikram says:

    Thanks sir, for more information about Sharing Plugins.

  13. Hye Dr
    Thanks for sharing this
    information.i really needed this type of info ::.. 🙂

  14. thnx for this post i always looking for sharings plugins

  15. Rohit says:

    Best plugin is Sharethis.

  16. i am starting new website…so i really need this type of tips to improve traffic on my website thank u sir…….

  17. Agree with you, ShareThis is best for sharing.

  18. Its amazing plugin i really like it but i have one question please tell i am not have traffic from search engine what can i do now

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