Blog SEO Tips for Beginners – Guide to SEO 2013

Every newbie blogger needs the Blog SEO Tips in order to grow in their blogging career. If you are a beginner, then the best advice for you is to keep it simple. There are slightly different rules for optimizing a WordPress blog, or a regular blog, or a website, or an e-commerce websites, or an advert, etc. However, most of the simple and basic rules are the same across the board.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a little like baking a cake, they all need flour and eggs, but the way you decorate each is different.  Here are the “eggs and flour” for your SEO. Here we are presenting the best Blog SEO Tips for Beginners.

Blog SEO Tips for Beginners

Best Blog SEO Tips for Beginners

1) Do Not Take Advice, Read Online

It is full of advice from people who are simply wrong, misinformed, and dumb or malcontents. The Internet is full of people who state things as fact even though it is conjecture. There are “doctors” who say that inoculations are bad things because they see no useful benefit, and people take them at their word, even though they are the same doctors who were claiming that breast milk had no use just a few years ago.

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By all means, you should read up on SEO such as that which is stated on this article. But, at the very least you should check what you read with the data on the actual Google site, as they release tutorials and updates all the time.

2) Concentrate on Usable Content to Start With

This is one of the biggest Blog SEO Tips for Beginners and a powering factor on your website. A lot of advanced SEO elements are going to fall into place if you have usable content. If your content has a discernible use then you are going to win when it comes to SEO.

Try to concentrate on pleasing your viewer and optimizing your site so that it offers the best possible user experience. This does not mean you should add graphics and animations. In-fact, it means the opposite in many respects. If you can offer information or a use in the most simple and efficient manner possible, then do it.

“The three essential elements of an effective SEO are Effective Communication, Useful Information and High Quality Backlinks”

3) Here is how the “H” Tags Work

Their use differs slightly from blogs and websites, but here is how they work. The H tag is supposed to surround certain information. For example, to surround the words “pickle factory” with a H1 tag, you would write “<H1> Pickle Factory </H1>

The H tags tell the search engines that the information within the tag has some form of importance and relevance to the page. The importance or value of the information goes down as the H numbers iterate. You can use them more than once, but you may wish to temper your actions with a little bit of subtlety.

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SEO Tips for Beginners

So let’s say that you have an article on your website. Your title tag will take care of your title, so your next most important information may be your sub title, so you may wish to put your sub title within a H1 tag. Your article may have paragraph headers like this article does. Three of those headers may have important keywords in them, so why not highlight those three headers with H2 tags?

4) Link Each Page with Three Internal Links

Internal linking is very important, and you will find that installing three internal links per page (as a rule) is a good way to fully ensure your website is properly linked. Simply add three links to every page you create, that link to three other internal pages. This is another simple Blog SEO Tips for Beginners.

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5) Add a Hierarchical Linking System

This is not as technical as it sounds. Start with your home page and have a few links running across the top for different categories. When the category link is clicked then the links within that category run across the top. It is a little like a family tree, where it start with one that breaks down into many as it goes down.

6) Do not make your Pages too heavy

Heavy web pages are ones that use a lot of megabytes in their construction. For example, if you had a page full of text then it would take up less memory (megabytes) to save on a server than a page full of high resolution images. You should keep your pages lighter so that they load quicker, as this is good for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

7) Fill in your Meta Description Tag

Another most important Blog SEO Tips is filling your Meta description tag field. This is the description that may appear on the search engine results (sometimes), so it needs to be appealing to readers and give them a reason to visit your site. It only needs to be around thirty words long. You can help you SEO, if one or two of your web page keywords are near the beginning of the description.

8) Fill in your Meta Keywords Tag

Add around twelve keywords, and make sure that they appear at least once within the content of your web page. If your page is made up mostly of images, then try to add keywords from your ALT tags on your images.

It is very important for every blogger to have the knowledge of Basic Blog SEO Tips. I want to know your views about the importance of basic Blog SEO Tips in a blogging career. Don’t forget to share with your blogger friends.


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