How To Transfer Domain Name to Godaddy

As earlier I post about how to change domain ownership status, now I will guide you the next step domain name transfer process & how to transfer domain name into your own Godaddy account. But before this I will tell you what are the benefits or why Transfer Domain name on own Godaddy account.

domain name transfer

Why Transfer Domain name

Automatic Domain Renewal option with auto credit card/debit card billing. You can enable this feature to renew   your domain name automatically so you can never lose it.

Renew domain name from 1 to 10 year as you want.

private registration to hide your Registration/contact information

The Main benefit- You can Change Hosting without any interruption at any time.

Before Transferring domain name remember these things

Your domain ownership should be updated.

Your Domain name age is more than 60 days old.

Your email id should correct because Godaddy will send you an email regarding domain transfer and provide you Transaction ID and Security Code. You will need this Transaction ID and Security Code at the time of Domain transfer.

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How to Transfer Domain name

Follow these steps for domain name transfer process

1. Go to and create an account.

2. Move your mouse to Domain Section and then transfer domain name. As shown in below image

transfer domain name

3. Enter your Domain name which you want to transfer & click on GO button. Godaddy offering a free 1-yr extension for domain transfer. Means you do not need to renew your domain name for next 1 year.

domain name to transfer

4. Proceed to checkout.

5. If you want some add-ons then you can select any one otherwise simply click to continue to proceed.

6. Review your odder and click on checkout. There are 3-4 payments modes through which you can place your order.

7. Now Godaddy will send you an email to owner of domain (I hope it’s you) with Transaction ID and Security Code.

Click on domain management under domain section and select pending account changes options. Fill your Transaction ID and Security Code. Now it will need a final approval from Godaddy.

After final approval when your domain name was transferred in your own account then you can change your hosting (if you want) at any time.

Till then wait for my next post “How to change hosting” from one hosting company to another.

Type your domain name below and transfer it now

Note: - It will take maximum 7 days to transfer domain name from other registrar to your own Godaddy account and meanwhile you will not face any kind of server problem.

If you face any kind of problem then share with me by commenting below.

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