How to Add Author Photo in WordPress

At the beginning of my blogging career I wished that my visitors see that who is Chandan Sanwal

not only by name also with an image..

At that time I don’t know how to add author photo in WordPress. Because website having author

photo are more attractive than without author photo. I thought that it can happen only through

coding. And that time I don’t have any knowledge about any type of coding. Also don’t know about

any plugin who add author photo in WordPress site.

add author photo


But when I searched about it then I found that it is very easy and simple to add author photo in

WordPress site. No need of any kind of coding. You can add author photo in WordPress without

any coding through a Plugin i.e. “User Photo”.


1. Create account in Gravatar


But before you add author photo in WordPress site, you must have to create an account on

add author photo in wp









To create your account on Gravatar, first you have to enter your email id. They will send you

an activation link through a mail. Click on link and fill your details. Edit your profile and upload

your image. After uploading image click on “Edit your Gravatar”. Then select your photo. That’s it.


2. Which Photo to upload?

Select your smart & handsome clean image for your website. It is obvious you will select best one.

:) Because this image will shown on your website to your visitors and all across the world where

your site link goes.


3. Check your image

You can check your image, is it working or not by commenting below. If your image will appear

with comment then it is working otherwise not.


4. Install Plugin to add Author Photo

Now you have to install a Plugin to add author photo into your website below every post.

For this

  • Login your WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Plugins
  • Add new Plugin
  • Search for User Photo Plugin & type “User Photo”

user photo plugin


You can also download & upload User photo Plugin manually from WordPress site.


5. Upload Your Image

Now go to User link at left side of your dashboard. Click on your profile. In bottom/the end of the

page you can see Your Photo option and upload image file from your hard drive. The image you are

uploading here is should be same as on Gravatar.

Now Update your profile and enjoy blogging. :)


Let me know if you are facing any problem to add author photo using this (I am also using

this plugin) then comment below.

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Note:- Now there is no need to install User Photo Plugin, author image will start working when you 

create an account in Gravatar.

I'm Chandan Sanwal, Blogger, Young Entrepreneur as well as a student of B-Tech Mechanical Engg, from Chandigarh. You can Find me on Twitter , Facebook,Google+


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