How to Protect WordPress Site or Blog From Hacking

Security issue for WordPress site is very important for every blogger. Sometimes due to

so many unsafe things or security issues our WordPress site or blog is hacked by hackers.

To protect WordPress site or blog from hacker insure your security of website. Hackers

hack websites which has low security level.


WordPress security is very big issue for all bloggers. But Maximum blogger don’t know how

to protect WordPress site from hackers.


To Protect WordPress Site or blog follow these tips:-




The password of your dashboard and cPanel should be strong. Use alphanumeric words to strong

your password and capital & small letters. Use minimum 15 to 20 words to strong your password,

because strong password can secure wordpress site and password protect websites are not easy

to hack.



Always update all your software. All new updates like; plugins or WordPress new version whenever

release update them. Whenever any new update of plugins you are using will release update them.

Always use WordPress themes to secure your WordPress site or blog. Also use antivirus in your

system (Operating System) & update them. Scan your PC daily.



To Secure WordPress site from hacker you have change .htaccess file permission. Your Word-

Press site will secure from hackers through .htaccess file. To Change your .htaccess file

permission. Go to your cPanel. Open File Manager> Web root or Home Directory>Public html>

Right click on .htaccess >permissions>change file permissions to 404.



Use WordPress security plugins or spamming plugins in your website to secure WordPress site from

hacking & spamming , e.g.  The comment spam WordPress WP-reCAPTCHA is best plugin for

spamming. You might like this plugin...

Download free themes only from WordPress blog if you can’t buy premium themes.

Some Other Security plugin which will Protect WordPress site :-

To protect WordPress site from hacking install these WordPress Security plugins. These plugins helps

you lot.

  • Limit Log in Attempt-

This Plugin Protect WordPress Site from Brute force attack & you can configure or limit IP address for

login. It will protect wordpress site to invalid login. if someone try to open your site, after 2-3 invalid login

it will automatically stop to login for some time interval. You can set number of time  i.e. 2,3,4  after that it

stop someone to login or from Brute force attack.


  • Bulletproof Security Plugin-

The best WordPress security plugin which protect WordPress site from hacking. BP security is the best

plugin to avoid hacking. Bulletproof Security protects WordPress website against XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF,

Base64, Code Injection and SQL Injection hacking attempts.


  • WP Secure
Always have a backup of your files or avoid hacking. Do backup after every 2-3 days or after publishing

If you know any other way to protect WordPress site Please comment below and shares this to

your Tech. Friends.

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    I find your articles very useful in updating my website. It has actually improved my knowledge and helped a lot in making my website a secured and popular one. Keep up the good work. :)

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